The Droid

The Lamina Droid Nixie Clock is designed as an alarm clock for everyday use. The clock operates identically same way as the Simplon.

The color lighted laminas give a remarkable effect to any room, office or displayed locations.

The easy accessed setup menu give endless possibilities to set your favorite colors to different time of the day, blinking, flashing, changing colors randomly or set different alarm periods!

With the optional GPS unit the clock can synchronise the time.

The body of the clock is carefully selected fine mahogany/maple and American walnut and black acrylic. The tubes are IN-12 type Russian nixie tubes.

To keep your clock in perfect shape try to avoid any liquid interact with the clock. The wood is living material by the time it will be darker and matured. Any water and liquid might cause dark spots and miss colored surfaces. Use fine brush or soft dry cloth to remove dust or dirt. Do not use chemical cleaners! Avoid to operate the clock in humid or very dusty environment!

The clock operates from standard 12V, 2A power adaptor. Do not use any 12V power adaptor below 2A. Output connector size standard, 5.5mm, 2.1mm pin. The GPS connector cable is standard stereo 3.5mm mini-jack cable, up to 10m (30 feet) GPS power 3.6V Avoid to plug in or out the GPS while the clock is powered.

Main functions:

– Clock in 12 or 24 hour format,

– Alarm for daily use, with red flashing lights,

– Showing date in every 1, 10 or 60 minutes with optional color change,

– Two lighted laminas in any color indicate daytime night-time or AM/PM time,

– Nixie tube back light color indicate day and night time,

– Optional GPS connection.