I have found myself loving these old nixie tube clocks, I always wanted to have one for myself. My very first inspiration came from an web article from a user named “Hellboy” and his “Lantern Nixie Clock”.
When I first saw Hellboy’s clock, I said I want something like that. Of course not the same, something different which is mine not a copy but as cool as that. I worked on the design for months talked to designers, experts in manufacturing to create a unique timepiece.

The clock became something more not just a nixie clock! It is a handcrafted, wooden framed unique timepiece with several programmable light effects and stunning look. It evolved by the time of course. More functions in the electronics, more efficient to produce and manufacture the frame. At first I purchased kit electronics boards for the clocks and started to manufacture them in small series. Later I wanted to give more features to the clock functions, so I needed a new, more advanced electronics. I  have teamed up with Mr. Varkonyi who designed and manufactured the new panel. Now we have WiFi module in the clocks to synchronize the time. Soon we have mobile app to do the settings through mobile phone.

Now we have an easy access setup menu gives many possibilities to set different colors to different time of the day, blinking, flashing or changing the light randomly! With the optional built in Wi-Fi or the optional GPS unit this clock is always accurate.

This professionally hand made product will give a joy to look at for every day!

– Zoltan Acs, founder, manufacturer, clock maker –